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Special Regular Course

Course Details :

Duration:- 2 Months

Daily Hours :- 4 to 6 hrs

Weekly :- 6 Days

Starting Batches :-
Delhi : 1st Batch: 15th June 2019
2nd Batch: 25th June 2019
3rd Batch: 5th July 2019
4th Batch: 15th July 2019

Fees Of Delhi Batch

Payment Schedule For Different Year Students :-

For 2nd Year Student | Total Fees : 1.3 Lakh

2nd year : INR 25,000
3rd year : INR 25,000
4th year : INR 25,000
5th year : INR 25,000
6th year : INR 30,000

For 3rd Year Student | Total Fees : 1.2 Lakh

3rd year : INR 30,000
4th year : INR 30,000
5th year : INR 30,000
6th year : INR 30,000

For 4th Year Student | Total Fees : 1 Lakh

4th year : INR 35,000
5th year : INR 35,000
6th year : INR 30,000

For 5th Year Student | Total Fees : 90,000 INR

5th year : INR 40,000
6th year : INR 50,000

For 6th Year Student | Total Fees : 80,000 INR

6th year : INR 40,000
After Graduation : INR 40,000
Note: # All students who join in different year fees remain fixed till students appear for 1st attempt of MCI exam.
# It includes online test series FREE for all years students.

Fees Of Outside Delhi Batches

Payment Schedule For Different Year Students :-

Centre : Ahmedabad

2nd Year Batch | Total Fees : INR 90,000

Centre : Hyderabad

2nd Year Batch | Total Fees : INR 90,000

Centre : Pune

2nd Year Batch | Total Fees : INR 90,000

Centre : Chennai

2nd Year Batch | Total Fees : INR 90,000

Centre : Trivandrum

2nd Year Batch | Total Fees : INR 90,000

All Subject Discussion in the class with weekly class test
Subject wise test and interactive sessions at end of the course.

Registration & Admission (Offline Mode)

To seek admission in Diams, the candidate must fill in the application form, which he/she can get from the centre. The candidate is required to give 3 passport size photographs and photostats of mark sheets and certify carts along with the duly filled form. Registered candidate unable to join the specified batch for various reasons needs to get prior permission for batch transfer from the center Manager before the batch commencement failing which the candidate would forego his/her registration. A candidate who has completed a course in its entirety and who for some reason would like to continue with the course (fresh batch) will be treated as a new candidate and would be required to complete requisite formalities and pay the applicable fees.

Payment Of Fees (Offline Mode)

Any candidate registering for the programme shall pay the fees in full along with DIAMS application form at the time of admission or else admission will not be entertained. All fees are payable by cash /credit or debit card/ local cheques and demand drafts payable to "Trapezium Education Network Pvt Ltd" at New Delhi. post-date cheques and outstation cheques will not be accepted. The candidate is expected to maintain the invoices and produce them whenever requested by the staff of the center.

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