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Final Punch

The basis for this book originally stemmed from my passion for better understanding of the different and ever changing pattern of various medical exams in present scenarios to help my fellow medicos. Generating vast amounts of data and knowledge content, on different subjects is very easy and lots of material is available online as well as offline but what exactly needs to be studied is a basic problem. But nowadays things have changed and particularly have changed the pattern of exams. Examination bodies such as NBE want to select a candidate who is quick and just with the concepts and conceptualizes the questions and answers it, not the ones who just mugs the things up and vomit in the exam. It’s the time to do the smart hard work because only hard work will not let you crack the exam. With this understanding this latest edition of Final punch is been brought to you for last minute revision and get an idea of things which can be asked in the examination. Being truthful


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